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About John 

John Witte is a multidisciplinary circus artist specializing primarily in juggling.  From an early age, John was fascinated with throwing objects in the air. At first he used rocks, but instead of catching them, they landed on his head. He always reassured his concerned Mother that, next time, he would catch them. It was this sheer stubbornness that taught John to juggle. That same persistence is responsible for John to continuing to perfect his craft. His fascination of with object manipulation and unicycling led John to circus arts. Fast forward several years, John was accepted at the National Circus School in 2015.  From there, his fascination with movement and physicality began to grow. John continues to explore object manipulation as something that translates throughout the entire body using dance and acrobatic elements. Circus school also enabled John to develop skills in tumbling unicycle and Chinese pole. John's childhood hobby of magic evolved into research projects that combine Juggling and magic. John is also a fast learner and is always open to learning new skills.

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